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Landlord Fee's Structure


 * SALE:                                                                                                             1%

            Professional photography with floor plan advertised leading portals.(Zoopla, Primelocation). Sale board request by the landlord.


* LET ONLY:        Tenant finders fee From                                                               6% (HA1 Postcode - 5 Miles Radius)

 Let only service includes marketing the property, carrying out accompanied viewing, arranging inventory, carrying out a potential credit check, credit check for the tenant and finalising the tenancy agreement. The deposit will be passed on to the landlord, Landlord should protect the deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme in 30 days. DPS or TDS or Mydeposit: 

 Non-refundable one off fee will be charged for 12 months period. **The rate may change in the range of 5%-9% subject to Distance**




* FULL MANAGEMENT SERVICE: (HA1 Postcode - 5 Miles Radius)  Management FEE from 7%(HA1 Postcode - 5 Miles Radius)

Includes all above and get a quote for all repair, attend all maintenance work by arranging suitable and qualified person. Routine inspection carried put for every 6 months and the inspection report will be emailed to the landlord. Also Includes utility transfer in and out of the tenancy. 

** Above 5 miles radius RATE MAY CHANGE IN THE RANGE OF 7%-15% SUBJECT TO DISTANCE. **ONE OFF- TENANT FINDERS FEE IS £500 or 5% whichever is greater **

Our Guaranteed Rent Collection service:  In the event of Tenant falling into rent arrears more than 32 days, Then our rent collection scheme will pay the arrears to the landlord and our agency will bear all the cost of legal and evictions. 


FEE for RENT collection: £350 per annum.

* DEPOSIT PROTECTION:                                                                                  

 DEPOSIT’s will be registered with DPS protection and copy supplied to the tenant in 30 days - Only Management properties 



* Inventory Check-in                                                                                     £250.00

Preparation of a complete list of item on the property with a picture


* CHECK OUT FEE:                                                                                                          £250.00

Check out inventory will be carried out at the end of the tenancy.  




We collect rent for management properties and LET only (on request of the landlord – additional fees apply - £10 monthly.)


* Energy Performance Certificate                                                                                    Sub to Service providers Quote




Tenant Fee's Structure

*   DEPOSIT                                                                                                                                                    EQUIVALENT TO FIVE WEEKS RENT 


*.LOST KEY FEE:                                                                                                                    Actual cost of Replacement

            Per property 


*. Contract variation,

    amendment or change of occupant at the tenant’s request

    within an existing tenancy                                                                                                            £50.00

*. Late payment of rent

   Default Rent if the Rent is late for more than 14days                                            3% APR above the Bank of England base rate.

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