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Interior Design


We sell any residential property at competitive prices.

Our standard SALE price is 1%. This will be calculated from the final price of the house price.

Click on the link to learn more about our Fees & Terms here.

House For Sale Sign

Lettings & Management

We will let and manage all residential properties from 6% with rent guarantee within a 5 miles radius of HA1: which covers the following terms below: 

  • IF Tenants' RENT Defaults? Rent PAID by US

  • Tenant Eviction? Dealt by US

  • Legal Costs for Eviction? PAID by US

  • If Bailiff is Required?  Arrangement Paid by Us

  • Rent Guaranteed

  • **NO VOID Period - Market Rent Guaranteed **

  • *** No Hidden COSTS ***

We also let and manage all type of residential properties further away than a 5 miles radius from the HA1 postcode. Prices may vary. Please refer to our Fee Structure.  

Secure Vacant Property:

If you property is empty and looking to protect it from trespassers, we can secure it immediately.

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