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Secure your Empty property

Vacant properties can become vulnerable to unauthorized visitors such as vandals and trespassers, resulting in expensive repairs and frustration. However, by utilizing simple deterrents like steel security and innovative technological solutions, securing the property becomes a cost-effective means of protecting, managing, and monitoring valuable assets.

Securing, protecting, and maintaining vacant properties can reduce damage to the local community, deter vandalism, arson, and theft, and ensure readiness for re-occupancy or resale. Moreover, well-maintained and secure empty properties contribute to better neighborhoods and help maintain their value while also being lower insurance risks. By deploying a combination of the best technological solutions and experienced customer-focused teams, Pinnacle can save significant costs compared to traditional safety and security measures. We provide a fully integrated and cost-effective solution for securing both public and residential portfolios. Learn more about the sectors we work with.

According to Chartered Surveyors, properties adjacent to poorly maintained empty homes may experience an estimated 18% decrease in value.

Protecting vacant property can be a challenge as criminals often break in through doors and windows, and even strong locks can be bypassed through forced entry. This vulnerability is especially high for vacant properties, making security screens and doors a crucial layer of protection. Whether for short-term or long-term use, professionally installed steel security doors and screens act as a barrier against intruders and effectively deter criminal behavior.

Clearway offers industry-accredited keyless steel security doors that are durable and reliable for securing vacant property or construction sites. By installing our security doors, your site will be safeguarded from vandalism, squatters, and any unwanted intruders. Our doors can easily replace existing ones and provide authorized personnel with convenient access for efficient property protection.

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